ECR Car Retail is an independent car wholesaler in new vehicles, young used cars and commercial vehicles. As an international player, we have been an important source of purchases for independent car dealers, official distributors, car rental companies and leasing companies all over Europe for more than 20 years. That's how we roll!

Long-term profitability of the sector

The ECR Car Retail purchasing team buys small, large and very large lots of new and young second-hand vehicles from importers, manufacturers and larger dealer holding companies. We are also very interested in commercial vehicles. As a wholesaler, one of our main priorities is the profitability of the market on long term.

Monitoring the stability of the market

Thanks to our large international network, our Key Account Managers ensure the preservation and control of the stability of the market. No aggressive dumping on one local market, but an international geographical spread on different sales markets to ensure the balance and responsible trading within the economic model of supply and demand.


As a wholesaler, we help you find solutions and are happy to shape the strategy you have in mind. Have you set targets for your market, do you have an overstock or want to generate cash flow? As your partner, ECR Car Retail will start negotiations with you within a diplomatic framework. We work together with you.

Financial strength

Our suppliers benefit from our financial strength due to our fast and correct payments and collection of all ordered vehicles according to the agreed conditions. A word is a word. In all transparency you can be sure that you will be correctly informed about the competitive pricing strategy that ECR Car Retail puts in place within the given market study and knowledge. There will be no bad surprises, nobody likes that.

Professional team

ECR Car Retail is going for the extra mile. With a strong team as a basis, the company always takes one step further. As our supplier, you can always count on the full cooperation of our team.

A strong team