ECR Car Retail is an independent car wholesaler of new vehicles, young used cars and commercial vehicles. For over 20 years, ECR Car Retail has been an important international source of purchases for thousands of customers: independent car dealers, official distributors, car rental companies and leasing companies all over Europe. That's how we roll!

Profitability of our customers

ECR Car Retail cares about its customers’ profitability. The company offers a selection of quality cars on a protected online portal which makes it possible to quickly obtain all information about each vehicle and its specifications. In this way, we avoid unjustified copying and guarantee the profitability of our customers and the market.

Order placed? We deliver!

What you order from ECR Car Retail will be delivered. Simply because we only offer cars that have actually been purchased and for which all documents are in our own possession. The company always ensures a correct delivery of each vehicle ordered.


Our transparency gives you the certainty to be correctly informed about all details ECR Car Retail has about each quality vehicle in its portfolio. In this way, you will be informed of all data belonging to the car documents and the vehicle itself. There will be no surprises, because to be honest, nobody likes that.

Professional team will be happy to assist you

ECR Car Retail is going for the extra mile. With a strong team as a basis, the company always takes one step further. As our customer, you can always count on the full cooperation of our team and you will be assisted for any questions you may have before, during or after the purchase of your vehicles.

Faster and easier than ever View and order our vehicles in real time!

To ensure the profitability of our customers, we offer a free platform with a personal account and password.
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